Detention Basin Seed Mix

Detention Basin Seed Mix

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Detention basins are a key part of a successful stormwater management plan. They help capture runoff and filter out pollutants before that water discharges into our waterways. Utilizing native plants in detention basins not only creates wildlife habitat, but the deep roots help excess water percolate and reduce outflow. Water levels in basins can fluctuate considerably in a short period of time. These hydrology changes open the possibility for a diverse range of native plants to grow. This mix prefers species that prefer dry, mesic and wet soils.

The palette of plants can vary from season to season most certainly from site to site. That is why we loaded this mix up with 26 species. Some of the species include native grasses like Big Bluestem and Deer-tongue Grass. Native wildflowers include Purple Coneflower, Swamp Rose Mallow, Swamp Milkweed and Angelica.

This Detention Basin Seed Mix is also good for bioswales. Bioswales are often designed to be like mini detention basins. They are usually adjacent to parking lots and other hardscapes. The hydrology fluctuations in bioswales make this mix a good selection. They are plenty of grasses, rushes and sedges for stability, but also several native wildflowers to make the landscape pop and attract a wide array of insects and birds.

Some things to remember:

Native plant communities can take up to three growing seasons to fully establish. Regreen™ may be utilized as a cover crop while the native plant species are establishing.

Contains the following species:

Grass and Grasslike:

Elymus virginicus - Virginia Wild Rye

Andropogon gerardii - Big Bluestem

Panicum (Dichanthelium) clandestinum - Deer-tongue Grass

Elymus macgregorii - Early Wild Rye

Carex hystericina - Porcupine Sedge

Carex lurida - Shallow/Lurid Sedge

Scirpus atrovirens - Dark Green Bulrush

Scirpus pendulus - Rufous Bulrush

Juncus effusus - Common Rush

Scirpus cyperinus - Woolgrass


Echinacea purpurea - Purple Coneflower

Senna hebecarpa - Wild Senna

Bidens aristosa - Tickseed Sunflower

Verbena hastata - Blue Vervain

Ratibida pinnata - Yellow/Grey-headed Coneflower

Hibiscus moscheutos - Crimson-eyed Rose Mallow

Angelica atropurpurea - Angelica

Acorus americanus - Sweetflag

Asclepias incarnata - Swamp Milkweed

Lycopus americanus - Common Water Horehound

Eupatorium fistulosum - Hollow Joe Pye

Pycnanthemum tenuifolium - Narrow Leaved Mountain Mint

Aster novae-angliae - New England Aster

Ammannia coccinea - Scarlet Toothcup

Mimulus ringens - Monkey Flower

Seed Info

PLS Lbs Per Acre Broadcast  = 10

PLS = Pure Live Seed

Pure Live Seed is a measure of viable seed stated as a percentage. It is the product of total germination times purity.

Example: 96% Germination x 93% Purity = 89% PLS

All of our native warm season grasses and seed mixes are sold PLS.

Broadcast Seeding is the process of sowing seed by hand, The seeds are sprinked into the soil and can be lightly raked in to ensure germination.

This mix of native grasses and wildflowers typically grows to a height of 3 to 6 feet. Please note that each site is unique and that several factors can affect overall height. These factors include sunlight, hydrology and overall soil health.

Product Details

Flower Color: Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, White

Height: 3 to 6 Feet

Light Requirements: At Least 4 to 6 Hours of Sunlight A Day

Soil Hydrology: Mesic to Wet Soils

Bloom Time: June through October

Plant Type: Annual/Perennial

Attracts: Native Bees, Butterflies, Birds, Humans

Product Code: DBSM01

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