Ohio Flood Plain Native Seed Mix

Ohio Flood Plain Native Seed Mix

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A floodplain is low lying ground adjacent to a lake, river or stream that is subject to flooding. They are a special area and require plants that can be adapted to a wide range of moisture conditions. The species in this mix are all native to Ohio and will perform well in these locations. You may need to use cover crops and erosion control with this mix depending on your situation and area you are working with. 

Some things to remember:

This is a mix of native grasses and wildflowers that will take up to three growing seasons to fully establish.

Do not seed this mix into standing water. You will need to wait for the area to dry out. This may lead to seed at a time that is not optimal. If you have a question about seeding, please Contact Us. 

You may need to use a cover crop with this mix. Regreen™ is a good option. 

Contains the following species:

Grass and Grasslike:

Elymus virginicus - Virginia Wild Rye

Elymus canadensis - Nodding Wild Rye

Andropogon gerardii - Big Bluestem

Elymus macgregorii - Early Wild Rye

Panicum (Dichanthelium) clandestinum - Deer-tongue Grass

Carex vulpinoidea - Brown Fox Sedge

Scirpus atrovirens - Dark Green Bulrush

Spartina pectinata - Prairie Cordgrass

Glyceria grandis - Reed Manna / American Manna Grass

Carex hirsutella - Fuzzy Wuzzy Sedge

Scirpus cyperinus - Woolgrass


Bidens aristosa - Tickseed Sunflower

Senna hebecarpa - Wild Senna

Verbena hastata - Blue Vervain

Asclepias incarnata - Swamp Milkweed

Rudbeckia laciniata - Green-headed Coneflower

Aster novae-angliae - New England Aster

Actinomeris alternifolia - Wingstem

Eupatorium fistulosum - Hollow Joe Pye

Mimulus ringens - Monkey Flower

Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower

Pycnanthemum tenuifolium - Narrow Leaved Mountain Mint

Onoclea sensibilis -  Sensitive Fern / Meadow Brake

Seed Info

PLS Lbs Per Acre Broadcast = 15

PLS = Pure Live Seed

Pure Live Seed is a measure of viable seed stated as a percentage. It is the product of total germination times purity.

Example: 96% Germination x 93% Purity = 89% PLS

All of our native warm season grasses and seed mixes are sold PLS. 

Broadcast seeding is the process of sowing seed by hand. The seeds are sprinkled into the soil and can be lightly rakes in to ensure germination. 

This mix of native grasses and wildflowers typically grows to a height of 3 to 7 feet. Please note that each site is unique and several factors can affect overall height These factors include sunlight, hydrology and overall soil health. 

Product Details 

Flower Color: Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, White, Red, Purple 

Height: 3 to 7 Feet 

Light Requirements: At Least 6 Hours of Sunlight A Day

Soil Hydrology: Wet Soils

Bloom Time: Spring through Fall 

Plant Type: Perennials

Attracts: Hummingbirds, Bees, Butterflies, Pollinators

Product Code: OFLPM02

Color Boosters

The native perennials in your mix do require some patience to establish, but for instant gratification consider adding any of these quick establishing annuals. They're perfect pollinator plants, too!

Tickseed Sunflower

Covers Crops and Seed Carriers

Do you need a cover crop?

Know where you sow! Add some Rice Hulls to your order!