Tradescantia ohiensis - Ohio Spiderwort

Tradescantia ohiensis - Ohio Spiderwort

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Spiderwort is one of the first showy prairie flowers to bloom, starting as early as late May. It quickly shoots up above the low prairie grass leaves, gaining full access to the sun.

But its active life is short, fading quickly with the onset of hot summer temperatures. By August, the plant can be very difficult to discover, as its above-ground vegetation has dried and faded.

If soils are not too wet or heavy, the plant makes a wonderful prairie garden plant. After it matures, it can be easily divided.

What is Stratification?

Seed Info

Seed Envelopes contain approximately 0.02 ounces of seed and cover about 5 to 10 square feet. 

Product Details

Flower Color: Blue

Height: 2 to 4 Feet

Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil Hydrology: Dry to Mesic Soils

Bloom Time: May to July

Plant Type: Perennial

StratificationCold Moist (CM) 90 Days

Attracts: Bees, Pollinators

Product Code: TRA01F