Native Seed Solutions for Problem Areas in Your Landscape

We all have those areas around our property that just drive us crazy. Instead of cringing everytime you need to mow or maintain the area, put some native plants to work. We've specifically designed seed mixes to tackle those problem areas in your landscape and provide the added benefit of pollinator and wildlife habitat. Let's take a look at a few.


First up, slopes. Specifically,  the ones that are not safe to mow, but you want to look nice. Our Slope Pollinator Mix is filled with native grass and wildflower species such as Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Wild Bergamot, Tall Coreopsis and Stiff Goldenrod. The mix also includes a couple of non-native faster growing species to help increase stability and reduce the potential for erosion. Some of the species in this mix can get tall (6 feet or taller). Those species have deep roots that anchor in the soil stabilizing it and helping to prevent erosion. So, quit mowing in fear and let native plants do their job!


Have that area in your yard that just won't dry out? One minute you're soaking up the sunshine and the next your mower and shoes are covered in mud. Our Too Wet To Mow Mix is the perfect solution to occupy those low spots and keep those white New Balance sparkling clean! This mix includes native species such as Fringed Sedge, Woolgrass, Swamp Milkweed, Blue Vervain, Dense Blazingstar and Virginia Mountain Mint. The native species in this mix will tolerate the wet conditions but will also be just fine if it gets dried out in the heat of summer. Mow around those low spots and let the wildlife feast!


Finally, let's look at the somewhat shady, tree-bordered area where the grass just doesn't seem to grow in. This is the area that doesn't get enough sun to plant ornamentals and gets soggy after a rain. Talk about a no-win situation. Here comes native plants to the rescue! Our Woodland Edge Mix will fill it up with beautiful native plants that provide the habitat necessary for insects to complete their life cycles. Some of the species in the mix include River Oats, Tickseed Sunflower, Tall Ironweed, Anise Hyssop, Virginia Bluebells and New England Aster. Once established, these plants will provide blooms from spring until late fall.

Bottom can make your life a little easier by utilizing these mixes in your landscape. No more mowing on slopes and no more muddy shoes! Let natives work for you and provide habitat at the same time.

Prairie On!