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Honor Your Mother (Earth That Is....)

April 21, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

(It's her first blog post! And it's a good one!)

Cleveland is known for many things these days....championship teams, national conventions, a world class arts district, medicine, and a yummy food scene. Not so long ago, it was a river that burned and a lake that was eerie. But through it all, as Clevelanders, we did what we do best....begin again, rise up, and adapt.

That burning river birthed a national environmental movement, from literal heat to a passion for a cleaner planet. Since the 1970s, many have stood by nature as population burgeoned. Is this movement passe` or still pertinent?

I say definitely pertinent! This Saturday, April 22, is Earth Day and I invite you to get your best "green" self on! It's easy to be overwhelmed by eco-this and eco-that. Here's something simple....sow seeds, literally. Adding native plants to your landscape feeds bees, butterflies and birds. Roots filter and percolate water deep into the soil. All that and beautiful blooms to boot!

So Honor Your Mother Earth by bringing her flowers.....we know a place you can get some seeds!

Prairie On!

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