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Meet My Co-workers: The Dirty Trio

February 16, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

The beloved comic strip, Peanuts, continues to delight and enlighten generations. We all recall a Charlie Brown, Lucy or Linus in our lives. I close my eyes and hear the original, bring-to-life voices of the human children who played them. Main or secondary character, each one distinctive and dear. Who is your favorite? Pig Pen anyone?

Fan away the dust and an "i'm ok, you're ok" personality remains. Pig Pen embraced his filth, exuded joy in his relationship with mess and invited others in. He was a good kid, just a dirty one. A few of my co-workers are Pig Pens. They're good plants, just dirty seeds.

Purple Coneflower, Partridge Pea and Black-eyed Susan sit atop the A-list: popular, pretty, hearty and easy on the wallet. There is a dark side to these beauties for seed room staff. A dip in the bucket o' germ releases a Pig Pen-esque cloud. (cough, cough) Who would have expected small packets of promised life could elicit so much grime? I have been known to return home from work and declare a shower is required because the dirty trio were popular that day. Yep, some seeds are just plain dirty.

I share this life changing info not to shame these seeds. I share because the seeds are as cool as the plants. All unique, all our native neighbors, all worthy of sowing - dirty or clean. Where would Charlie Brown be without Pig Pen? His filthy friend enriches his life. The dirty trio bestow beauty on the landscape for people, pollinators and anything else that cares to befriend.

Black-eyed Susan Seed
Partridge Pea Seed
Purple Coneflower Seed

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