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Not Ready for Swimsuits...But Bring on the Seeds

January 10, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

Braved the after-holiday sales? Move over Merry Christmas mayhem because retail never rests. I innocently entered a major discount chain the other day and (gasp in horror) was greeted by bikinis. My overstuffed frame covered in pale, dry winter skin recoiled in dismay. Swimsuits in the dead of winter with holiday cookies still in the tin is simply cruel. Of course, the workout wear was a short stroll down the aisle. Serenity now!

While unprepared for beaching just yet, I do eagerly await my first flower and veggie seed catalog. With a cup of piping hot joe in one hand to stave off winter's chill, I'm transported to spring with the turn of each deliciously verdant page. Funny thing is I never order, just browse. I know where to get seeds and it's literally right under my nose every Wednesday when I brave the OPN cold storage room.

It is not too early to yearn for spring and definitely not too early to "spring" into take gardening action. Bloomers can be sown now atop bare or snow-dusted frozen ground. Think Virginia Bluebells, Red Columbine, and Ohio Spiderwort - beauties sustaining some of the first pollinators to the party. The throated blossoms of Bluebells and Columbine pocket nectar, inviting bees and butterflies to belly up to the juice bar. Fertilized flowers freely repay your garden later in the season, dropping copious amounts of seed.

Check out the website for more individual spring bloomer details or mixes (may I suggest the Woodland Edge packet - the only place to get Wild Red Columbine). Yep, yearn for spring but as all good Clevelanders and Northeast Ohioans know, winter is far from over. Step away from that dressing room with swimsuit in hand. Instead, let a little packet of OPN seeds give you hope.

Ohio Spiderwort
Virginia Bluebells

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