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One Patch, Twelve Times - June

June 13, 2018

By: Barb Holtz

The June prairie launches the stretch. Stems shooting skyward to reach predetermined heights depending on the species. Each warm day pulls forth life toward a climax habitat, bursting at the seams at its peak of diversity and beauty. Roots initiated a renewed relationship with the soil months ago. Finally privy to above ground evidence, we anticipate speedy changes to the landscape as summer starts.

The goal for plants, actually every living thing, is reproduction. Roots lay the groundwork for steadfast stems to present the prize - the flower. Flowers = seed, seed = survival. Time is of the essence since the season is short. No time for games, only growth. Flowers pop in succession throughout summer into fall, each species grasping for its day in the sun.

Wildlife is selfish by human standards. Survival of the fittest seems to overlook the greater good with each individual competing for resources possibly at another's expense. But without the diversity displayed in a single June prairie or a vast global ecosystem, each individual's efforts would be for naught/ The fittest is not fit in a vacuum.

This exercise in documenting the prairie each month reminds me, and I hope you too, that nature is resilient and surprising. I am reminded that this ancient dance of seasonal change is a show worth watching and I am an honored guest. I can't wait for the next act...July.

One Patch, Twelve Times - June

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