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June 15, 2015

We use the word patience a lot when we are speaking with people about planting seed they have purchased from us to create native areas. The majority of the species we work with are perennials which typically take up to three years to establish from seed. We frequently suggest using mixes that include annuals for some first year color or encourage customers to add annuals to help with the "instant gratification" thing we have all grown to expect these days.

We have been growing native areas from seed since 1998, and we share what we have learned with each customer we speak with. There are general methods that have been successful for us over the years. There have also been times when Mother Nature throws something at us that we did not expect and we had to adapt and these are some of the best learning experiences we have had.

This has been an unusual year for growing. We have observed this in our own projects as well other customers we have spoken to. Things are germinating and growing slowly. These seeds want to grow, they just do it at their time, which may not be at the pace that we would like. Varying conditions in terms of soil types, existing weed pressure, soil temperatures and rainfall, to name a few, all combine to make each planting a unique experience. With proper planning, site preparation, high quality native seed, follow up to help it establish and PATIENCE, you will be rewarded with an area that creates habitat, supports sustainability and is beautiful.

We thank you for your business, and as one of our customers, you have access to this knowledge to help make your project as successful as possible. It takes patience. Good things are happening with your native plantings. You may not be able to see it at first, but give it time and last but not least, patience.

Prairie On!

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