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Rainbows of Sky and Soil

August 7, 2017

By: Barb Holtz

I enjoy a good storm. Listening, smelling, watching...rain pours, thunder rolls, nature washed. The rains last week were no exception to my penchant for precipitation. The palette  of grays juxtaposed with breaks of blue were particularly beautiful. Twice, as I was driving between downpours, I caught a glimpse of a rainbow backed by darkness while the hope of sun was in front of me. Perfect conditions prevailed by this symbol of promise brought a smile to my face.

The sky doesn't corner the rainbow market. Late summer land offers ROYGBIV (remember that pneumonic?!) to gardener and nature lover.  I walked my yard, camera in hand, after my atmospheric rainbow experience.

Rainbows remain a special sight even though they are overly plastered on children's clothing alongside unicorns these days. Elusive and fleeting. Imagine the ancients' wonder when a bow spanned the sky. Unexplained by science, this masterpiece accepted at face value. I nurture the rainbow of blooms in my yard for many reasons, but one is most definitely sans-science visual pleasure, deepening my sense of awe at nature's many masterpieces. Plant a rainbow!

Here's what I captured! Enjoy!



Red - Cardinal Flower
Orange - Butterfly Milkweed
Yellow - Cup Plant
Green - Rattlesnake Master
Blue - Blue Lobelia
Indigo - Tall Ironweed
Violet - Monkey Flower

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